Welcome to our new blog

Dr. Sathappan, psychiatrist, medical director

Dr. Sathappan, psychiatrist, medical director

Welcome to our new blog, ‘Pomegranate Cares’. The purpose of this blog is to provide useful, topical information on adolescent mental health with interviews and facts from the experts. That’s our facility off Pierce Drive in the West Edge Business park in the photo.

Pomegranate’s interdisciplinary team of adolescent clinical and independent licensed social workers, therapists, certified nurse practitioner, psychiatric nurses, counselors, psychologists, CPSTs, and special education teachers work in tandem with a supervising child/adolescent psychiatrist.

We’ll showcase their expertise along with the countless support staff who do some really special work 24/7 in mental and behavioral health at our 60-bed secure residential and 10-bed acute hospital. We’re located in Columbus, Ohio behind Franklin County Children Service.

We work with adolescents age 12-17 who may be experiencing suicidal, homicidal or symptoms related to psychosis, or mental health conditions like mood disorders, impulse control and addiction disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders or behavioral disorders.

Our goal at Pomegranate Health Systems is to alleviate suffering, promote holistic development, and provide an enabling environment in which disenfranchised and traumatized children can thrive.  Pomegranate cares.


3 Responses to Welcome to our new blog

  1. Rebekah says:

    Do you know of any place in the Columbus area where parents of troubled teens can get the support they need? Thanks so much for any help.

  2. If a teen is having suicidal thoughts call 1-800-273-talk, or go to the nearest
    emergency room of any hospital or call Netcare Access at 614-276-2273 or
    any of the area 211 hotlines. Netcare has counselors available 24-7.

    You can get counseling assistance through contacting NAMI Franklin
    County -they are online- or Mental Health America Franklin County-also online.
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital Behavioral Health also provides counseling.

    Pomegranate Health Systems takes referrals from doctors, social workers, counselors, pediatricians and case managers for in-patient treatment in either our acute hospital or
    residential treatment center. You might also want to talk with a school counselor, pediatrician, family doctor or pastor if you have one. Hope this helps Rebekah. We care.

  3. Rebekah says:

    Thank you so much. This is immensely helpful.

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