About us

Pomegranate Health Systems specializes in adolescent psychiatry.

We are located at 765 Pierce Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43223.

Our official company website is: www.phs-kids.com.   You can also find us at: http://www.pomegranatehealthsystems.com/home.html

Call 614-223-1650 to reach our main office.

For residential treatment inquiries call: 1-800-476-3139.

For emergency shelter care inquiries call: 1-888-679-9808.

For our acute hospital call: 1-800-476-0868.

Building-wide Fax: 888-679-9808.

Residential Fax: 800-476-3139;  Acute hospital Fax: 800-476-0868

Nurses station Fax (girls): 614-223-3089;  (boys): 614-223-3094

. . .  or call to request our Power-Point presentation.


Pomegranate Health Systems welcomes your comments on our blog and social media sites: Word Press, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.  This is a moderated blog and not a public forum. It is meant for public interest in adolescent mental health topics for parents and families of adolescents, employees, caseworkers, hospitals, mental health professionals, county agencies, colleagues, and referring sources. You’re encouraged to submit questions, comments and concerns.

Whilst Pomegranate Health Systems welcomes opinions with a differing point of view, it requires that comments adhere to standards of civility. Pomegranate Health Systems reserves the right to delete submissions on any of its social networks, or blog that contain inappropriate or disparaging comments towards ethnic, racial or religious groups, staff or clients, vulgar language, or personal attacks of any kind. We do not accept spam or post advertisements. Pomegranate Health Systems adheres to HIPPA privacy standards and copyright law and reserves the right to delete comments which: (i) violate an individual’s rights or infringe on copyright, trademark law, (ii) or are considered ‘spam’, (iii) or posts which promote activities, services, products, political causes, or organizations which are deemed objectionable, (iv) advocate illegal action, (v) or are clearly off topic. Use of confidential resident information, photographic images or names is expressly forbidden without a legal or media release form by an adult parent or guardian.

Pomegranate Health Systems advises you DO NOT share confidential, medical or identifiable personal information in blog postings, Facebook, or other social media sites. Posting comments gives Pomegranate license to publish or distribute your submission for this or any related purpose. Comments expressed on our blog or social networks do not reflect the position and opinions of Pomegranate Health Systems, its clinicians and employees. The blog and social media sites are not construed to be a diagnostic tool and should not be used for this purpose.

For questions about this blog, directory postings, or other social media sites, please contact Angela Nickell, CEO, or Patricia Rodemann, Director Business Development & Communications at Pomegranate Health Systems 614-223-1650.


4 Responses to About us

  1. Rick says:

    Are there any employment opportunities with PHS?

    • From time to time we do have opportunities come up, typically in direct
      patient care positions- nursing, youth workers etc.
      I will refer your e-mail address to our HR director to contact
      you directly. Good luck with your search!

  2. Jenna Joseph says:

    Hello. I am also curious about positions with PHS. If you could also forward my email address to your HR director, that would be great! I have a bachelors degree in pshychology and can forward my resume. Thank you!

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