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sequel-vp-chief-culture-officerPomegranate Health Systems is experiencing  ‘acculturation’ into the Sequel family with visits and enhancements by IT, payroll, billing-essentially department-by-department, incrementally.

This week’s All Staff meetings moved beyond the initial welcome reception 10/27 with windbreaker jackets for the entire staff. December featured an orientation to Sequel history and brand by Jack Rachko, VP and Chief Culture Officer.  He has trained and consulted for numerous social service agencies, schools and residential programs both nationally and internationally. Rachko joined Sequel in 2001 providing training and consulting when it was only a 2-program company. He began his career in behavioral healthcare working on the 4pm to midnight shift in direct care at a residential facility in Pennsylvania.

Rachko has conducted numerous developmental initiatives numerous at Sequel facilities and was promoted to Chief Culture Officer in 2014. He explained to all assembled that, ‘We now continue to write the next chapter of Sequel history from Pomegranate’s standpoint.’   In talking about the Sequel brand, he covered notable examples: ‘With Hershey you think of chocolate; Disney-Mickey; with Ford- cars and trucks.  With Sequel, our brand is our service.’  And he said, ‘We spend 90,000 hours in our work life, over 45 years. About half of your adult life is spent at work, working.’  He implied that it’s something you want to get right and make right.

Rachko presented the origins of the vision and mission of Founders Jay Ripley and Adam Shapiro back to the mid-1980s. He explained how Jay and Adam met in Pennsylvania and immediately connected with their similar vision of helping to make the lives of people better. After an initial attempt at realizing the vision, Jay and Adam went to Clarinda, Iowa for round 2 in 1999 where Sequel was founded with a commitment to do behavioral care right.   Rachko outlined the succession of partnering and the addition of new Sequel family members from 1999 to the present culminating with the challenge to Pomegranate Health Systems to write the next chapter in the history of Sequel.

“Sequel provides service to 42 states and has 42 programs (technically 44) in 19 states with over 2,500 beds, six distinct lines of service and over 4,000 staff,” Rachko said.  He covered the number of people served in each program type and near 80% successful discharge statistics.  A succession of inspiring stories and videos followed, featuring teens overcoming and succeeding. Woodward Academy has an alternative day school and was the first RTC in March of 2015 in Iowa high school sports to qualify for the state basketball tournament.  He cited the story of a client who became a champ in power-lifting, the youngest in his weight class to place 2nd in the world in the deadlift, bench combined and squat in Prague.   There were many other inspiring stories followed by an outline of Sequel norms.  Sequel doesn’t micro manage and there is not a big corporate office, but a solid cloud of support for outcomes-based programs.  The Philadelphia-based Rachko delivered his presentation with passion and conviction to share that Sequel respects the history of its partners and believes firmly in loyalty and commitment. Its programs are widely recognized nationally.  Thus begins the Sequel for Pomegranate.

[Photo credit: Sequel Pomegranate Team member, Devon Queener (L) shares a Philadelphia Sixers chat with  Jack Rachko, VP and Chief Culture Officer of Sequel following the 3rd shift All Staff peresentation.]


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