Can teens recover? Do Pomegranate teens make it? YES!


Within the past two weeks we’ve rejoiced with three client success stories. It goes without saying that working with behaviorally challenged teens sometimes presents the team with opportunities to exercise patience and use every skill they’ve been taught. And then, there are the success stories, the kind that make faces beam with pride and eyes mist. [The teen and her mother interviewed here completed a media release and wanted to share their experience with others.]

For 16 year old Isabelle and her mother, Samantha, ‘Pomegranate is a little diamond in the rough. We hadn’t heard much- if anything- about it.” Isabelle explained that ‘It’s sometimes about being an example for other people. It’s important to share good things about my healing journey, and to give them hope.’ Both women agree that, “recovery is a lifetime process,” and they could not be more pleased with this outcome. Isabelle was treated in Pomegranate’s acute hospital. In appreciation, she created abstract artwork for Valerie in admissions, Tiffany-CPST, and her therapist, Brandi. The transparent overlays of colorful shapes are reminiscent of stained glass windows. The two returned on a steamy July day to express their thanks.

Client A.R. wrote us on Facebook. [Because of the HIPAA privacy act and under 18 population, we do not feature an open forum.] A.R.’s learning opened a new world to him. He says, My name is —- and I was one of your recent patients. I want to thank you for your treatment and services. It has changed my life so much (that) words can’t explain how happy (I am) and set on my future. I love life, and your facility is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am at a positive stage in my life and have goals for the future. I thought to myself when I got out of Pomegranate that I wanted to help people with their life problems such as: stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicidal thoughts, and cutting problems. I am only 17 but I have (begun) my first goal and dream in life. I have written a biography of my life and it includes information of how I have used my coping skills, and how to view the better part of life. I include information about setting goals, finding natural remedies for treating stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD- the main, most common source of all of those symptoms.”

AR want to share the proceeds from his book “as a way of saying thank you for the wonderful treatment and help that Pomegranate Health Systems provides to the youth who need the help and treatment your company has to offer. I was really impressed with how life-changing your system is. Thank you . . . “

Another resident who came to Pomegranate through the Department of Youth Services celebrated her high school graduation, and plans to go on to college and career.

At  Columbus State for the mental health resource fair last  year, a transition age young adult visited our table.  We asked if he’d heard of Pomegranate and he said he’d lived here- it helped change his life significantly for the better.  For many, it comes down to learning new skills and making the right choices. Without that interval of intensive daily therapeutic intervention, outcomes may not have been as positive. We congratulate all our teens and wish them the very best wherever they are in their journey.


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