Pomegranate launches television advertising spots

This month, Pomegranate Health Systems launched its first ever television spots to run on the ABC/Fox Network in Central Ohio. The 15 second spots were designed for the “We Know Why You’re Awake Columbus” time frame between midnight and 5am to reach anxious parents, those waiting in emergency rooms, and teens in crisis. Besides being far more affordable, the spots will run nearly 100 times a month for several months, as research shows it takes repetition to become memorable and actionable. Here’s a link to the first spot above, to share: http://youtu.be/Rr453hDxdrc
The idea behind the advertising is to raise awareness of the mental and behavioral health services that Pomegranate provides to teens with mental and behavioral health disorders, and those in a current crisis. Many are not being treated at all. OSU Harding Hospital and Nationwide Children’s Hospital are other fine area providers with a higher brand awareness and name recognition. Netcare also provides outstanding mental health crisis services. Because of high profile development campaigns over decades, Central Ohio is also aware of the mental and behavioral health services provided by Buckeye Ranch. As Pomegranate Health Systems only built its facility in Columbus in 2008, it’s awareness is low in this market, and treatment needs are great.
Pomegranate is a residential treatment facility and acute hospital for teens for whom intensive home- based therapy or outpatient counseling isn’t an option, either because they are a danger to themselves or others, are currently in a dysfunctional setting, or have a need for more intensive 24-7 observation and therapeutic intervention. We treat teens with suicidal or homicidal ideations, and/or with symptoms related to psychosis with an evidence-based medical model approach to DSM-IV mood, anxiety and related disorders. Our goal at Pomegranate is to alleviate suffering, promote holistic development, and provide an enabling environment in which disenfranchised and traumatized children can thrive.
With its multi-disciplinary team of therapists-both social workers and licensed professional counselors, nursing care 24-7, youth leaders, teachers, tutors, psychiatric case workers, attending physicians and psychologist supervised by child and adolescent psychiatrists, Pomegranate’s mission is to help adolescents and their families recover from the effects of mental illness, learn to care for themselves and each other; and achieve the highest possible quality of life in their homes and communities. Assessments include bio-psycho-social, psychiatric evaluations, personal care, educational testing, nursing and nutrition. Counseling services include individual and group options in a 24-hour secure facility.

[Video credit: author-developed spot, Pomegranate Health Systems; voice-over recorded by ABC/Fox. Run schedule: 1/2013-6/2013]


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