What’s a CPST?

“Community Psychiatric Support Treatment” service is defined by the Ohio Department of Mental Health as an “array of services delivered by community based, mobile individuals or multidisciplinary teams of professionals and trained others. Services address the individualized mental health needs of the client. They are directed towards adults, children, adolescents and families and will vary with respect to hours, type and intensity of services, depending on the changing needs of each individual. The purpose/intent of CPST services is to provide specific, measurable, and individualized services to each person served. CPST services should be focused on the individual’s ability to succeed in the community; to identify and access needed services; and to show improvement in school, work and family and integration and contributions within the community.” See www.codes.ohio.gov/oac/5122-29-17  for more information.

The specific activities are defined in depth; which include being the chief care coordinator for each individual served. It is a long list, which we asked Pomegranate’s CPST’s to describe in a more personal sense, and what motivates them.

“I do this job because our youth need to know there are people who care.  I want to reach those youth who truly believe no one cares. I have always worked with children and adolescents, yet never thought I’d work in a secure, residential facility. I stay fresh by engaging in plenty of humor, both with the youth and colleagues. A common misconception held by families is that therapy doesn’t work, and mental illness is not a “real” disorder,” says Emanuel, CPST. “I see therapy work every day.”

All PHS CPST’s work alongside the therapists and youth leaders, and participate in the treatment team meetings. They lead groups, workshops, and educate youth on symptom management and life skills topics, which are very useful and necessary to adolescents. It is a diverse job designed to explore a broader understanding of a healthy vs. unhealthy situation, or sitting with a youth in court, or meeting with a teen’s family.

The CPST at Pomegranate is an integral player in helping an adolescent to achieve his/her recovery goals, and to help facilitate the healing program through a range of valuable services. It can be exceedingly rewarding to receive an unexpected note, saying: ‘You helped me more than you know,’ outlining the teen’s accomplishments back in the community and progress to young adulthood.

[Photo credit: Counseling-‘who me?’ by Lisa F. Young Dreamstime.com 14047583]


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