Pomegranate students earn certificates of achievement

Pomegranate’s Virtual Community School (VCS) honored several residents with certificates of achievement for outstanding results in academic performance on March 2, 2012. The honorees included seven youth who were awarded certificates for their accomplishments, which include: transitional math, life skills, physical science, language arts, introduction to algebra, and computer skills.  Several students achieved up to 4 certificates.  The honorees participated in a reception attended by CPSTs, therapists, tutors, teachers, and staff -to celebrate their excellence.

Pomegranate students have the opportunity to attend school through VCS with supervising teachers, and tutors from Columbus Public Schools.  Students who do not attend VCS are transported to their home school by PHS staff.  “Education is the foundation for success,” reports Angela Nickell, CEO. “We strive to incorporate a strong educational component into our residential program, and appreciate the dedication of teachers and tutors alike.” Upon discharge from PHS, students return to their respective school districts, alternative schooling, or maintain VCS as their home school.  She adds, “The goal is to provide the least amount of disruption to their education as possible, whether it is at admission or discharge.”

[Photo credit: Pomegranate students earn certificates of achievement, Virtual Community Schools]


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