Pomegranate Health Systems introduces radio podcasts on adolescent mental health

Pomgranate Health Systems recorded six radio podcasts in October.  The podcasts were edited and uploaded to the fast facts website in November.  The podcasts were designed and scripted by Pomegranate’s marketing & communications director, ‘Cia’, as part of an overall comprehensive outreach program, and moderated/hosted by Erika Pryor, radio host and communications pro, who introduced guests, Angela Nickell, VP of Operations and Demetra Taylor, Clinical Director.

Each podcast was produced as a stand-a-lone feature designed to address specific topics relevant to adolescent psychiatry; who we are and what we do, and help parents better understand an adolescent’s life now.  The podcasts were produced by Talktainment Radio at their broadcasting facility in downtown Columbus. Each podcast runs 6-8 minutes in length.

The first podcast, ‘about us’ addresses why there is a need for residential psychiatric treatment and how/when, and why to choose residential care.  The second podcast addresses the home environment and factors that lead to stress in a family system.  Third is the adolescent’s school setting and events that occur during the school year which can be a trigger for a teen in crisis.  The fourth podcast is about staying healthy year-round throughout the calendar year from winter holidays through un-programmed summer time, and peak crisis times- like prom, exams, graduation, homecoming and back to school.  The fifth podcast is about bullying and signs a teen is being bullied,  and the sixth about our acute hospital and signs of suicidal and homicidal ideation; what’s a teen/parent to do.

‘The purpose of the podcasts is to reach out to the community and offer additional information and tools for understanding the help that is available to facilitate healing, hope and resilience,’  says Angela Nickell, VP of Operations for Pomegranate.  ‘This is just one step among many new communications initiatives advocating on behalf of mental and behavioral health for Ohio’s youth,’  she adds.

Listen to the podcasts which are posted on different pages our ‘fast facts’ website: http://pomegranatehealthsystems.com/home.html

1. ‘About us’- what’s residential psychiatric care about; when (and why) is it needed . . .  (programs and services: residential)

2. ‘Home environment’ -a teen’s family environment    

3. ‘School setting’- the school setting and social environment

4. ‘Staying healthy throughout the calendar year’- unique challenges from seasonal to un-programmed summer time

5. ‘Bullying, Cyberbullying & Sexting- issues in teen mental health’

6. ‘Pressure to perform- when is it suicidal ideation; what to do; & Pomegranate’s acute hospital-what its about’  (programs and services: acute)

 (L to R: Demetra Taylor MA, LPCC-S Clinical Director, Patricia ‘Cia’ Rodemann, MA, MTS Marketing Director, Angela Nickell, MS, VP Operations and Erika Pryor, PhD)


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Communications and Social Media @ Sequel-Pomegranate Health Systems
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