Pomegranate Girls Create Quilts for Nationwide Children’s Hospital

As one of the therapy projects to empathize with children at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, adolescent girls in one of Pomegranate’s treatment units colored and designed individual quilt panels which therapist Judy sewed into  quilts.  The teens each created greeting cards and messages to help brighten a child’s day. Three brightly colored quilts were delivered Monday, December 5th to Lois Stepney, SAMHSA Grant Project Coordinator and Jill Gorz, Fostering Connections Care Coordinator.  The Fostering Connections Clinic is housed at The Center for Family Safety and Healing at Nationwide Children’s

‘The purpose of the quilting project itself was therapeutic,’ helping them realize their valuable individual role as part of the larger group,’ says therapist Judy, LISW-S.  ‘Sharing the project with Nationwide Children’s Hospital was designed to broaden the teens’ perspective, to help them to look outside themselves and realize there are children who are suffering –perhaps in a worse situation, and could use a lift and example of caring.’  Judy explained that many of the teens had never done quilting & sewing type projects before and  really connected with it.

The therapeutic crafts project was one of many integrated  into the treatment at Pomegranate.  Clinical Director Demetra Taylor explained,  ‘A full, integrative schedule is designed to provide youth with a balance including a structured dormitory/home environment, teach skills of daily living, offer age-appropriate schooling through VCS (virtual community schools) coupled with tutoring from Franklin County.  There are opportunities for recreation, games, crafts, and outings coupled with individual and group therapy. Teens receive psychiatric and psychological assessments and medication management to stabilize and help bring healing, hope and resilience.’ 

Residential manager, Tiffany adds, ‘This time of year Pomegranate kids  decorate their units for the holidays.  A festive holiday dinner is scheduled, served by staff, and family members are invited for the large celebration.”   Planning for each holiday- Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc. helps to create a wholesome environment throughout the calendar year.  This makes the quilt project even more special as the teens were able to share a little of the holiday spirit by connecting with additional youth in the community. 

[Photo credit: from L to R: Jill Gorz Fostering Connections-of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Demetra Taylor-Pomegranate Health Systems & Lois Stepney The Center for Family Safety & Healing -of Nationwide Children’s Hospital]


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