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The mission of Pomegranate Health Systems is to help adolescents and their families recover from the effects of mental illness, learn to care for themselves and each other; and achieve the highest possible quality of life in their homes and communities.  We specialize in treating adolescents age 12-17. Pomegranate Health Systems was first founded in 1998, and built it’s state-of-the-art residential facility in Columbus in 2008 to serve the needs of Central Ohio, and beyond.  We have 60 residential beds for both boys and girls, and a 10-bed acute hospital with 44,000 square feet.  We are a secure mental and behavioral health treatment facility. Our acute wing treats suicidal and homicidal patients.

Pomegranate Health Systems is licensed, accredited and certified: Licensed by ODMH, the Ohio Department of Mental Health. Accredited by The Joint Commission. Certified by the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services.

In 2011 Pomegranate chose a new logo to more accurately reflect who we are, what we do and whom we serve. The painted/crayon drawn circle is in the shape of a pomegranate. It’s an abstract spontaneous rendition. It is slightly open at the right end of the circle, a friendly shape which signifies completeness, wholeness and openness to healing. Inside the circle of healing is a rejoicing adolescent in an expression of, ‘I can! I did it! I’m on the way to being well!’

The adolescent is rendered in an abstract line drawing form which could be either male or female, any heritage or cultural background, and has a modern, urban feel, but a friendly vibe, reflecting our unique location and client base.  Coupled with Pomegranate Health Systems, is the tag line ‘Adolescent Psychiatry’  because that’s what we do. The new slogan accompanying the Pomegranate logo is, ‘HEALING, HOPE & RESILIENCE’.

Many new communications tools will accompany the new logo- business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, envelope stuffers, direct mailings, updated web site, press releases, and this blog, designed to inform, update and educate on the unique needs of adolescents through the eyes of the experts in adolescent mental health. We’ll be adding podcasts with the voice of the therapist and later video in an educational and advocacy initiative. Because, Pomegranate cares.

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